Japanese 4

4th year high school Japanese or 2nd semester of 2nd year college level Japanese

  • Class hours: Approx. 75 hours
    Majority of time is spent synchronously with live teacher-student instruction with additional on-demand instructional videos.
  • Recommended college credit: 5 semester hours
  • Prerequisite: Japanese 3 or equivalent knowledge
Course Objectives and Description

Japanese 4 is designed for intermediates to establish a higher level of basic Japanese grammar and sentence structures to move up to advanced Japanese levels. Students will also learn how to write composition. The course emphasizes on improving conversation skills including pronunciation and the Japanese writing systems: Kanji.

At the end of the course a student will be able to:

In addition to Japanese 1-3,

  • Read and write 114 Kanji, a total of 393 Kanji in Japanese 1-4 
  • Vocabulary - 467 words, a total of 1,465 words in Japanese 1-4 
  • Understand Japanese basic sentence structure
  • Direct someone to a place
  • Explain how to use items / tools
  • Deal with problems by asking for direction and advices
  • Give one’s feedback or explain about things by reciting reasons to back it up
  • Talk under assumptions that certain event will happen or not
  • Talk about what one is capable of doing
  • Talk about what one can do with certain items or at certain places
  • Talk about future plan and schedule
The original digital textbook by KCP Japan will be used.

Politely request
        ~ n desu ga, ~ te itadakemasen ka

Ask advise or instructions
        ~ n desu ga, ~ tara ii desu ka

Only ~ (with negative predicates)
        ~ shika

Potential verbs
        Miemau / kikoemasu
        ~ to (Ano kado wo magaruto, kafe ga arimasu.)
        ~ dekimasu (Moosugu ryoori ga dekimasu.)

Intransitive verbs
        Doa ga hiraite imasu.

Transitive verbs
        Doa ga akete arimasu.

Link multiple ideas
        ~ shi, ~ shi, ~
        Ano mise wa saabisu mo iishi, tenin mo shinsetsu dashi, soreni yasui desu.

        ~ te okimasu (state + preparation / measure /result exists)
        ~ te shimai mashita (completion / regret)
        ~ te oite kudasai.

        {Dictionary form} tsumori desu / nai tsumori desu
        {Volitional form} to omotte imasu

        ~ deshoo
       ~ kamo shiremasen

Weekly Schedule
for Japanese 4