Welcome to the Japanese learning experience

We are not just another online program for learning Japanese. We are an immersive experience, with a solid foundation built throughout decades of quality Japanese language and cultural education. We bring Japan to you.

In Partnership with KCP

KCP International Japanese Language School, a leader of Japanese language education in Tokyo since 1983, is known for its high standards in providing an immersive learning experience in the Japanese language and culture. KCP constantly finds ways to educate enthusiastic and serious students and meet their demands in their thirst for knowledge.

Japan Fuji Online, in cooperation with KCP, is the online version of KCP’s language learning system. It was formed to address the language students’ desire to learn, connect, and overcome the limitations of borders and distance to achieve their goals.

Online courses designed for the enthusiastic language learner

  • Students who want to improve their Japanese language skills under the tutelage of competent and dedicated teachers of a highly regarded Japanese language school
  • Adults looking for quality Japanese language education that focuses on intensive and immersive lesson structures.
  • Students looking to quickly improve their Japanese aptitude in all four communication skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • College students who want to earn academic credit for attending online Japanese classes.
  • College students who attend a college or university where Japanese is not taught, or whose academic schedules do not permit them from taking Japanese courses on campus.
  • People who want to learn Japanese for professional or personal reasons without having to disrupt their daily work schedule or career.
  • Hardworking high school juniors and seniors who want to get a head start with college level Japanese language courses and/or get a head start in earning college credit.
  • Students who plan on studying abroad at KCP in the future who want to advance their chances of being placed into a higher level Japanese class in Japan.

Our courses