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Japan Fuji Online provides an immersive experience of learning the Japanese language and culture for US students. Using innovative online learning management tools, students are connected to top quality instructors from one of the most prominent Japanese language schools in Tokyo, Japan and have an option of earning US college credits.

Japan Fuji Online continues to innovate the means of learning language in the changing world. We produce various learning resources, such as videos, a learning community on social media, and hands-on activities as well as supplemental online courses that are specifically tailored to English speaking students. With Japan Fuji Online, your language learning journey includes studying abroad in Japan.


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KCP International Japanese Language School

As the online education partner of KCP International Japanese Language School, Japan Fuji Online brings 35 years experience of Japanese language and culture education to US high school and college students. KCP has been a leader in Japanese language education in Tokyo since 1983, known for its high standard in providing an immersive language and culture education. Situated in the heart of Tokyo near the imperial house, the main campus includes a Japanese tea room, garden, library, and manga room for the students to maximize their time in Japan.

Our US Partner Universities

Japan Fuji Online, as a US chapter of KCP, has worked with numerous US universities and colleges in supporting students transfer credits to their own home schools. Students have an option of receiving transcripts from one of our US partner universities, Western Washington University, University of Idaho, and Lincoln University.

With Japan Fuji Online, you are able to earn US college credit for your online Japanese language learning.

Japan Fuji Online offers flexibility through various terms of study.

Four convenient starting dates throughout the year to best fit your schedule.