Worksheets and Quizzes

Students enrolling in our online Japanese 1 course, or who are headed to Japan for the KCP Program, should make certain efforts to prepare. One of the best ways to prepare is by learning the Japanese alphabet. Mastering the Japanese writing systems of hiragana and katakana can take time. But we have put together some useful practice charts showing stroke order, interactive online quizzes, and downloadable worksheets to help you learn.

There are also numerous apps and websites that will introduce them. We also share our recommendation below.


Learn Through Apps

Make use of the many paid and free apps to learn the hiragana and katakana for both your iOS or Android devices.

For example, Hiragana Memory Hint and Katakana Memory Hint,  free apps by The Japan Foundation, offer mnemonic pictures, quizzes, pronunciation tables and more to help you better remember and understand the characters.

Hiragana Memory Hint
Katakana Memory Hint
Take the first step to being able to communicate in Japanese.

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