We offer classes for beginners and experienced learners!

Japan Fuji Japanese Language School is a leading Japanese language online course provider for high school and homeschool students.

  • Earn a year of high school Japanese in one semester. Four years are offered, in addition to an AP Japanese and Culture Prep Exam and summer intensive options.
  • Through video conferencing, students receive immediate feedback, experience dynamic discourse, and directly engage with instructors and classmates.
  • Supplemental materials are provided outside of class for additional review and practice.
  • Many opportunities to communicate live with local Japanese to practice what you’ve learned.
  • Japan Fuji Online makes use of synchronous learning wherein teachers and students interact in real-time in a live online classroom on a specific weekly schedule.
  • All you need is a computer, high-speed internet access, and a printer.
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Learning made easy!

We offer flexibility through various terms of study and focus on immersive methods to teach Japanese.

Four convenient starting dates throughout the year to best fit your schedule

An intensive summer program worth a year of university level Japanese

Taught by experienced and certified Japanese language instructors

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Who is this for?

Japan Fuji Online is designed for the enthusiastic language learner.

  • Students who want to improve their Japanese language skills under the tutelage of competent and dedicated teachers of a highly regarded Japanese language school.
  • Students looking to quickly improve their Japanese aptitude in all four communication skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Hardworking high school sophomores,  juniors, and seniors, and homeschooled students who want to get a head start with college level Japanese language courses and/or in earning college credit.
  • Students who want to travel or study abroad in Japan in the future.
  • Students who want to gain proficiency in the Japanese language and culture in order to score high on the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam.
  • Students who want to be able to have the ability to skip ahead in Japanese language college classes.
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Take the first step to being able to communicate in Japanese.

Enroll in the self-paced The Japanese Writing System: An Introduction to Hiragana and Katakana course.