Japanese 3

3rd year high school Japanese or 1st semester of 2nd year college level Japanese

  • Class hours: Approx. 75 hours
    Majority of time is spent synchronously with live teacher – student instruction with additional on-demand instructional videos.
  • Recommended college credit: 5 semester hours
  • Prerequisite: Japanese 2 or equivalent
Course Objectives and Description

Japanese 3 is designed for pre-intermediates to establish a higher level of basic Japanese grammar and sentence structures. Students will also learn how to write composition. The course emphasizes on improving conversation skills including pronunciation and the Japanese writing systems: Kanji.

At the end of the course a student will be able to:

In addition to Japanese 1-2,

  • Read and write 114 Kanji, a total of 279 Kanji in Japanese 1-3
  • Vocabulary - 368 words, a total of 998 words in Japanese 1-3 
  • Understand Japanese basic sentence structure
  • Give opinions of one’s own
  • Explain about the favors others did for him/her with gratitude
  • Talk about one’s custom
  • Explain the conditions of things around
The original digital textbook by KCP Japan will be used.

I-Adjectives and NA-adjectives
        ~ni narimasu / ~ku narimasu.
Plain style / Plain forms 1
Plain style / Plain forms 2

Potential form
        Miemasu / kikoemasu
        When ~ toki

Conditional form (past tense)
        ~ tara

Noun modification
        Watashi ga yoku iku tokoro wa kafe desu.

Transactions of things

Giving and receiving services
TE-form ~ te kuremasu / moraimasu
             ~ te agemasu

Express thoughts and ideas
        ~ to omoimasu

Quote person’s utterances or thoughts
        ~ to iimasu

Reverse condition
    ~ mo (Ame ga futtemo, dekakemasu.)

Explain reasons
       ~ n desu

Weekly Schedule
for Japanese 3