Japanese 1

1st year high school Japanese or 1st semester of 1st year college level Japanese

  • Class hours: Approx. 75 hours
    Majority of time is spent synchronously with live teacher – student instruction with additional on-demand instructional videos.
  • Recommended college credit: 5 semester hours
Course Objectives and Description

Japanese 1 is designed for beginners to establish a foundation of the Japanese language. This course emphasizes on improving conversation skills, including pronunciation and the Japanese writing systems; Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

At the end of the course a student will be able to:
  • Read Hiragana and Katakana
  • Read and write 66 basic Kanji
  • Vocabulary - 151 words
  • Understand Japanese basic sentence structure.
  • Express actions in easy conversation during their daily life situations.
  • Introduce himself/herself
  • Go shopping
  • Ask friends to hang out.
  • Explain the condition of things, how they look
  • Express the reason of one’s action
  • Tell one’s wishes and hopes to others
The original digital textbook by KCP Japan will be used.  

{Person} wa {noun} desu / janai desu.  

Demonstrative pronouns
        Kore / sore / are
        Kono / sono / ano
        Kore wa …desu
        Kore wa watashi no kaban desu  

Location determiner and prepositions
        Koko / soko / asoko
        Koko wa kyooshitsu desu
        Kore wa amerika no tokei desu  

Price (yen)  

        {number} ji {number} fun/pun desu  

Days of the week  

Month and Date
        Ikimasu / kimasu / kaerimasu (future, present and past tenses)  

        Densha de Kyoto e ikimasu  

Person, time, and verb
        Tomodachi to Kyoto e ikimasu
        Raishuu Kyoto e ikimasu
        Ichi-ji kara san-ji made benkyoo shimasu
        Roku-ji ni okimasu.  

Object and verb. Place and verb.
        Maiasa ringo wo tabemasu
        Kooen de hirugohan wo tabemasu  

Extend an invitation
        Issho ni eiga wo mimasen ka?  

Adjectives 1 NA-adjective  

Adjectives 2 I-adjective

Particle De - tool/means
        Nihongo de meeru wo kakimasu  

Adjectives 3
        ~ ga suki desu
        ~ ga joozu desu  

        Agemasu / moraimasu  

Wakarimasu (understand)
Arimasu (have)  

Wishes and hopes.
        ~ ga hoshii desu
        ~ tai desu
        ~ kara (Reason)

Weekly Schedule
for Japanese 1