Course Details

Knowing is not enough to be a good communicator. You need to develop productive language skills.

Japan Fuji Online Japanese language course aims to provide students with opportunities to acquire not only Japanese linguistic knowledge but also the skills to actually use the knowledge in real situations.

We primarily use Japanese in class sessions. We want to help you learn to think in Japanese. Our curriculum is designed to provide a collection of linguistic activities for you to apply your knowledge. Preparation, review, homework, and test problems are also designed so that you can build your knowledge and application skills and learn to combine previously taught grammar and words with new study material. Responding promptly is important in conversing with Japanese people.

We believe that language is inseparable from the culture and society in which the language is used. Japanese cultural aspects and annual events are part of our curriculum to enhance students’ understanding of Japanese society. We expect you to follow Japanese manners and communicate with teachers and classmates in Japanese.

Academic Credit

Students attending our program may benefit from earning transferable college credit. Each of our partner schools will record our courses on their transcript. See Academic Credit for more information.

Please work with your advisor to get credit approved and contact us if you need any additional information that may help you with the process of obtaining credit. We are here for you.

Students who choose not to receive academic credit and have successfully completed the course will receive a certificate of completion and a grade report. This will be issued by KCP International Japanese Language School.

Class Level

Based on your placement test we place you in the class level that best fits your skills. The Japan Fuji Online course aims to develop all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in balance so that you become competent in using Japanese.

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