Classroom Details

What it’s like to be a part of an online interactive classroom

Our online program follows a synchronous format where you interact with your teachers in real-time in a live online classroom on a specific weekly schedule.

  • You are given actual deadlines and allotted enough time to review the on-demand, after-class videos and tutorials, and complete homework and quizzes.
  • Accountability is highly regarded. Unlike self-paced programs, you will learn side by side with other students interested in the Japanese language, and everyone is expected to come to class prepared for the lesson and ready to participate.
  • Peer work, or practice with one or more of your classmates, is an important aspect of our program, and one of the most positive experiences of most students studying at the KCP campus in Tokyo.
  • Japanese and English will be used in the classroom, and all instructors will have a good English language background.
Class Size

Classes will not exceed 15 students. This small number of participants makes direct interaction more frequent and impactful, giving students many opportunities to take part in dynamic discussions.

A minimum of 5 students is needed to offer our courses. If fewer than 5 students enroll in the course and you have already sent payment, 100% of your tuition will be refunded back to your credit card.

Cultural Relevance

Various aspects of Japanese culture are incorporated in the courses through on-demand videos. Increase your vocabulary while learning more words with cultural references to ritual objects, traditional garments, historical events and places, customs, and more.

Preparing for Class

In addition to the live classroom experiences, you will also have 1 hour or more of on demand video or PowerPoint slides to preview and review each week. To be successful in this course, plan on budgeting 5 hours or more to homework or outside of class study. Reviewing before and after class is essential to be successful in this program.

For first-second year sequence programs beginning in Fall and ending in Spring, classes will be offered twice a week. For our Summer Intensive program, classes will be held four times a week.

Instructional Materials

All learning instructions, activities, materials, and class schedules are contained within or referenced in the student’s online course dashboard. The online course is accessed via login and password assigned by Japan Fuji Online or emailed directly to the student upon enrollment, with the login website and instructions to access the system.

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