Japanese 202

Japanese 202: Intermediate Japanese II

Communicate in daily life situations and learn basic kanji.

  • Offered: Fall
  • Total Hours: 60
  • Recommended Credits: 4
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of  Japanese 201
  • Develop communication skills using a limited range of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Communicate in daily life situations.
  • Learn basic Japanese writing systems.
  • Learn to identify and use kanji most commonly used in daily life.
  • Get acquainted with approximately 250 plus new vocabulary.
  • Learn how to read and write approximately 60 new Kanji.
Course Learning Goals:
  • Articulate what you want to say and describe how you feel.
  • Talk about what you can do (abilities).
  • Talk about what can be done with what and what can be done where (possibilities).
  • Explain details by qualifying nouns with sentences.
  • Explain what you just did at that moment and what you are going to do next.
  • Clarify what to do and not to do in a certain situation.
Preparing for Class

In addition to the live classroom experiences, you will also have 1 hour or more of on demand video or PowerPoint slides to preview and review each week. To be successful in this course, plan on budgeting 5 hours or more to homework or outside of class study. Previewing before class, and after class are essential to be successful in this program.

For first-second year sequence programs, beginning in Fall, and ending in Spring, classes will be offered twice a week. For our Summer Intensive program, classes will be held 4 times a week.

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